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Since its inception in 1994, the Spada range has grown to suit the diversified needs of a broad array of riders and disciplines, whilst achieving the difficult combination of offering performance, safety, functionality and style. Spada achieves its success by listening to and acting upon feedback from our valued customers and motorcycle riders of all ages, all disciplines and all abilities.

By using this feedback, Spada can continuously improve to create products that are chosen year after year by our customers and trusted to provide the peace of mind needed when riding.


SPADA has recently launched its new everywear collection. The 'everywear' concept is a simple one - they're setting out to create and design a range of clothing that will look good off, as well as on, the bike.

Items from the collection include the stunning Spada Redux leather jacket, the brand new Air Force One bomber jacket and the Berliner leather jacket.

For more information on the entire SPADA range such as the Spada Compact Boot, Spada Duo Helmet, Spada Hartbury Jacket see the site. You can also find out all the latest news as well as how to guides.

Latest Spada Products

Spada Redux Leather Jacket
Spada Airpro II Textile Jacket
Spada Kensington Boot