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And there was you thinking you didn’t need a new helmet…

  • SHOEI announce the new for 2014, NXR full-face sports helmet delivering high-performance sports riding in total comfort, safety and style – SRP £389 (plain colours)
  • This NXR represents the 7th new helmet design from the Japanese manufacturer in less than 5 years - once again clearly stating SHOEI's dedication to research and innovation in helmet design and technology
  • And the best place to buy the new NXR helmet is at a SHOEI Assured Dealer where you’ll receive the very best service, a bespoke fitting service ensuring the very best fit and much more

SHOEI’s new for 2014 NXR full-face helmet answers the exacting demands of sports riding in a stunning, aerodynamic compact design, boasting a range of state-of-the-art safety and comfort features all backed by a 5-year warranty for real peace of mind – and as you would expect of SHOEI, stunning good looks.

Lifting the lid on the all-new SHOEI NXR:

  • Look – The NXR looks as great as it performs with a compact, aerodynamic AIM shell that has been designed to cut through the air at higher speeds with minimal drag and neck pressure for true sports riding. A rear spoiler further enhances the SHOEI dynamics
  • See – High-speed riding demands the ultimate clarity of vision and SHOEI have developed a brand new visor and base plate system. The curvature and thickness of the Pinlock CWR-1 anti-fog visor provides the clearest vision yet with top and bottom ribs for enhanced rigidity and minimal distortion. A new base-plate also offers a ‘down and press’ action for crisp, simple opening and easy visor fine-tuning via a rotating dial on the base
  • Listen – At high speeds you are going to encounter high winds so the NXR has been designed to combat and reduce the effects of that with improved wind beading and the adoption of internal cheek and ear padding
  • Feel – The NXR offers incredible comfort and wearability renowned with Shoei. This is offered through detachable and washable 3D centre, cheek and ear pads and a fully adjustable chin-strap. Multiple venting and air extraction via brow inlets and rear outlets provides definitive ventilation
  • Wear – Available in 4 different outer-shell configurations for ultimate fit in sizes XXS – XXL. And choose from 6 stunning finishes, Black, White, Matt Black, Pearl Grey, Matt Deep Grey and Shine Red as well as Graphic options, including replica models for TT legend Michael Dunlop, Moto GP World Champion Marc Marquez and BSB star Shane 'Shakey' Byrne

And if you are thinking of buying the latest NXR for yourself, then the very best place to do it is at one of the numerous UK-wide SHOEI Assured Dealers.

These certified dealers embody SHOEI’s dedication to technical perfection and unsurpassed service because they understand that your helmet represents a major investment, both financially and emotionally.

So when you visit a SHOEI Assured dealer, you can be totally assured of…

  • The opportunity to see, feel and try the largest possible range of SHOEI premium helmets
  • A bespoke fitting service that will ensure your total comfort and optimum safety
  • Dealing with a knowledgeable team who have been trained by the same SHOEI technicians who have trained past and present BSB riders
  • The best possible face-to-face advice and information specific to your individual needs
  • Unsurpassed aftercare and post-purchase support and customer care

You can find your local SHOEI Assured Dealer and learn more about how the Revolution has been SHOEIsed, by visiting,

You can learn more about the all-new NXR helmet and the entire SHOEI range, by visiting

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