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Ask Jenny Tinmouth!

We asked Jenny’s fans what they wanted to know about her and here are the results.
Images courtesy of Jon Jessop Photography.

Question 1: Would you like to be part of the official Honda TT team?
Submitted by Eddie Watterson @EddieLisburn81


Jenny: I kind of feel like I am, I’m already claiming John McGuinness and Connor Cummins as my team mates, Honda is like a massive family, we all got to go testing together at Monteblanco Circuit in Spain, the TT team, BSB and World Endurance, everyone at Honda works together, shares info and the whole team works from the same headquarters in Louth where my BSB side of the team build, look after and develop our Superbikes alongside the TT and World Endurance squads, if I’m not officially part of the TT team, I’m claiming I am anyway!

Question 2: How would you actively encourage more girls/women to enter this great sport?
Submitted by Tanya Lawrence @Lawrence93Tanya


Jenny: Being part of Honda Racing has helped as I’ve been able to get involved in inspirational women in sport events, which has enabled me and fellow Honda female rider Catherine King take our sport to young girls who may not have considered the sport before, not only just to compete but to show there are lots of other opportunities within the sport, like with team management, sports fitness, electronics and mechanics, hospitality media etc.

Question 3: How have you found the transition moving from running your own team to being in a factory team?
Submitted by Paul Bonikowski @PSBski


Jenny: I’d have to say it’s been extremely easy, the team are fantastic, I’ve always admired them and known from afar that they were good, but they are even better than I could of imagined and I love being part of the team, it was really hard running my own team and racing as well and working too, I was flat out all the time and pretty stressed even though I really loved the challenge of it all and that challenge was half the appeal as well as the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing it yourself, but it’s so much easier being in the team, I’m a lot more relaxed and I can concentrate on just being a rider and getting the best from myself, while the team get the best from the bike and actually help me get the best from me too! It’s great and I’m loving every minute.

Question 4: Do you think you'll ever get to do the TT again?
Submitted by Daniel Johnson @bossineyboy


Jenny: I might do, I don’t want to say I won’t because I might, but I don’t know when or even if it’ll be when I’m 60 on a classic bike, I love the TT it’s the ultimate challenge and one of the best things I’ve ever done and if I went back I wouldn’t want to go back on a whim or be unprepared, there’s quite a lot that goes into going to the TT and you have to be ready for it, if I went back I’d like to do more road races as well, like the Northwest and Ulster, to get up to speed and hopefully be more competitive, or even just to go and have some fun! but that’s not possible at the moment with BSB as it’s full on, it takes a lot of commitment and I’m happy to commit myself fully to BSB for now, as I want to do well and make the most of the opportunity I’ve been given.

Question 5: In a factory team do you still get to work on the bike or has that been taken out of your hands?
Submitted by John @Johnny_675


Jenny: No its completely taken out of my hands, and being honest, I’m not complaining, it’s amazing, I get to just hand the bike back even when I’ve come off it! It only feels strange in the respect of I feel like I should fix it if I broke it… whilst apologizing! or I should be pitching in looking after it, it’s a bit like being a bit spoilt which could feel weird but I understand that’s how teams work and it feels good. The guys who look after my bike are amazing I trust them 100%, my only worry is that I get to used to it! its great.

Question 6: What's the largest animal that you think you could catch if it was fired at you from a cannon?
Submitted Scott McKenzie @SGMacca


Jenny: I reckon I could catch a giant squid just because it would just stick to me and if I put my arms around it that’s classed as a catch in my book – not sure I’d want to though, slimy!

Question 7: What is the rationale for your helmet design? Reminds me of Yukio Kagayama's.
Submitted by Peter Dale @cf809496b92a4b4


Jenny: I pretty much love all motorsport, cars and bikes and always loved the Dodge Viper Stripes when I was little, when I saw Kagayama’s helmet I loved it and raced with a rep back in 2006, I painted my own version of it but with Hawaiian flowers in 2007 which I painted on my Honda 125gp race bike and paddock scooter too so it all matched and then I inverted it in 2008 as I really liked the blue chrome on the white which I put on my bike that season too, it stood out really well and was something I could do and maintain myself easily as I was struggling to do everything and paint my bikes and lid too. Wrapping them was quicker and the helmet is just a blue chrome wrap onto a std white Shoei helmet. I always liked simple designs to that as a spectator you can spot from the side of the track or on tele.

The surf dude on the back of helmet was on the bottom of my skateboard when I was a little, the skateboard disintegrated as it was left outside in all weathers and eventually broke, but I loved the image on the bottom so I traced it and now it’s on the back of my helmet, it encapsulates something for me, but I haven’t found the words to describe, something like riding the wave of life/racing and having fun…. In the sun on a surfboard in your shorts…. Mmmm ok I’m not sure but I know what I mean haha.

Question 8: What more should be done to increase the number and quality of women racing motorbikes?
Submitted by Peter Dale @cf809496b92a4b4


Jenny: That’s a tough one as it’s really hard for blokes and women, it’s hard for everyone, I’m 100% sure there will be more in the very near future as I know of tonnes of girls who are getting into the sport and excelling, and it’s so much more acceptable now and the norm and parents are getting behind their daughters now rather than just their sons in bike racing, but I think just more funding at the start of any racing career, an academy or cheaper form of racing would be good, just something where boys or girls can dip a toe in and show their skills but cheaply or for free, it’s just so expensive these days it’s hard for anyone to get anywhere, so just more funding to run affordable racing would help I’m sure.

Question 9: What is the biggest challenge now you are in a factory team?
Submitted by Peter Dale @cf809496b92a4b4


Jenny: Changing all my old habits for the greater long term good, not having anyone to teach me or tell me what a normal racer would be doing has meant I’ve just developed my own way to try and go fast, all of which don’t really involve anything planned or defined or under control, my strategies included ‘ok I’m just going to go as fast as I can into this corner, completely prepared to crash and see what happens’ (usually the bike makes it round so it’s all good by the way) and that’s all completely changed, I can see now exactly what I’m doing, where I’m braking and where I’m accelerating and what I need to change and what’s already working for me, when you're riding around it’s really hard to be thinking about what you’re doing if you're trying to go as fast as you can and are approaching a corner at 150mph all your thinking about is trying to stop, so that’s the biggest challenge for me at the moment, to think about what I’m doing, change what I’m doing and then get it to be a muscle memory thing where I do it without even thinking about it and then I hope the speed will come and it’ll be more under control and planned.

Question 10: You designed your own helmet, stickers and website, where do your graphic design skills come from?
Submitted by Ken Haylock @khaylock


Jenny: Since I can remember I’ve been drawing and painting things, I loved art lessons at school and took A-Level Art as one of my subjects. I planned to go to College or Uni to study Graphic Design but I was so shy and the riding my motorbike and racing bug just took over and I trained to be a motorbike mechanic instead but I still love anything art and designy so end up getting carried away doing stuff like that when I can.

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