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Harrison saved by Spada Curve Suit

Earlier this year we watched the esteemed road race, The Vauxhall International Northwest 200, based in Northern Ireland.


The event had been full of surprises but on Saturday 16th May the Superstock race was red flagged after a serious accident involving Dean Harrison, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger. The crash occurred at 100mph+ on a stretch of track between the York corner and the Mill road roundabout, leaving Saiger and Thompson being taken away in an ambulance for treatment. Luckily Dean walked away unhurt.

Dean’s remarkable escape was due to the durability of his racing leathers, at the time he was wearing the Spada Curve Suit. The Spada Curvesuit took the full brunt of Harrison’s slide off his bike at around 100mph. Thankfully for Dean, the suit did exactly what it was designed by us to do. We painstakingly test our leather suits and are continuously researching and developing better protective methods to ensure that these riders stay safe.


Harrison states: “I couldn’t be more pleased with the Spada Curve leathers, they held up really well and I have no doubt that they’re the reason I was able to get up and wasn’t in that ambulance, I’d put my trust in them every time.”

“Obviously, we are really happy that our Spada leathers kept Dean safe, it’s our number one priority when we sponsor a rider. We put the same effort in developing the protection in all our products so every customer is safe and comfortable on the roads.” Mark Ingleby, Head of Spada Design.

“Remarkably, despite being hurled from his bike, he was unhurt.” - Belfast Telegraph.

“The crash involved Dean Harrison, Stephen Thompson and Horst Saiger, and while Harrison was able to escape uninjured, both Thompson and Saiger were taken by ambulance to hospital following treatment at the scene of the crash.” - The Independent

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