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Question and answer session with Dan Linfoot

1. What is your biggest achievement to date?


Dan: My biggest achievement is coming 2nd place at Donington Park. It was with a new team, a brand new bike and it was brilliant to be nearly winning and fighting for the lead.

2. Have you ever considered racing at the TT?


Dan: Yes it’s one of those things that’s on my bucket list, but at the moment BSB is working well for me so I’m just concentrating on that.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Dan: I’d like to see myself winning BSB, I feel I’ve missed my chance for the world championships, so it’s best to stay with BSB, get more involved and be more successful with it. I want to get to a point where I can win, so it’s definitely where I am going to stay.

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?


Dan: I like to keep fit and I ride a road bike just for fun. It’s a blade with custom colours, it’s so much different from the superbikes, it’s like chalk and cheese. Still love it though.

5. How frustrating was it not to be able to ride when you injured your wrist?


Dan: It was like having your nuts chopped off. Frustrating after I started so well. I had to be professional though, and be there for everyone else and offer my support for the team but I just wanted to get back out there again!

6. Who do you think will win this years BSB?


Dan: Brookes, I’ve just got a feeling. He’s tried a good 5-6 times and he’s on his new bike now, so I think it will be him.

7. Who was your hero as a child?


Dan: My hero was Carl Foggarty. I grew up watching him winning world championships on TV.

8. Why and how did you get into racing?


Dan: Got into it through my dad and watching him as a kid. I always wanted to do what they do and wanted to be doing what they were doing.

9. If you weren’t a bike racer, what would you be?

Dan: I’d probably be a joiner doing woodwork. My dad would probably have encouraged me to do that as that’s his trade. If I couldn’t race, I’d wanna be involved in bikes in some way, either selling leathers or instructing.

10. What is your favourite dinosaur?

Dan: Random question. One with two wheels? I don’t know… the one from Jurassic Park?

11. Can you draw us a dinosaur please Dan?


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