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Spada boots come up trumps

/media/blog/library/spada-st1.jpgSpada work tirelessly to provide high quality motorcycle apparel at affordable prices whilst maintaining those all important safety standards that you can put your trust in. This is true for every product that we make so that they stand up to the test when needed.

We were recently contacted by Tom, a motorcycle enthusiast who has been an avid supporter of the Spada brand ever since he passed his test a few years ago. Tom had purchased the ST1 WP boots and wrote to us, grateful of their build quality.

This ST1 is one of our most popular boots - offering racing style and protection, but still comfortable enough for everyday use....

“Unfortunately I really got to test my kit out a few weeks ago when I got knocked off my bike whilst riding home. After the incident I looked at my feet and saw a large chunk of BMW fender sticking out my foot! After the initial shock I found it had only gone through the outer layer of my boot and the ST1s had saved me from what could have been a much much nastier injury. I just wanted to thank you guys for the kit, I only hope I never have to test the rest of it in quite the same way!”

Obviously whilst a collision or accident is the one thing no motorcyclist wants to experience, we are always pleased to hear when our design, research and manufacturing has helped to prevent avoidable injury.


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