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Spada Man Degsy met TT2014 TT winner Dean Harrison...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, It’s Spada Bloke Degsy!

Check out the video of when Degsy met Deano...

  • Degsy works for Spada. Degsy wears Spada. Degsy is the real deal and the current face of Spada!

  • Degsy recently met Deano, that being Dean Harrison the TT2014 winner and we videoed their encounter!

  • After his sterling debut as an interviewer, maybe you could tell us tell us who you’d like Degsy to interview next!

Degsy works for Spada. Degsy wears Spada. Degsy is the real deal and the type of everyday biker who we believe chooses Spada clothing because it delivers the ultimate safety, optimum comfort and eye-catching style for bikers looking for great gear at an affordable price.

Degsy is the new face of Spada because he is the type of genuine rider who really does wear Spada. And it turns out that he also has a hidden talent…

Forget Frost v Nixon. Forget Paxman v Brand. There’s a new interview king in town…

Degsy recently interviewed TT2014 winner Dean Harrison in the Feridax café and over bacon sandwiches and a pot of tea discussed a range of subjects, with highlights including:

  • The Harrison TT family rivalry… or lack of!

  • Dean’s personal highs and lows of 2014 so far

  • What Dean thinks about the Spada Curve race suit that he wore to win at the 2014 TT

  • Dean’s plans for the year ahead

  • And lots more…

You can watch Degsy’s encounter with Dean here and be sure to watch right until the end for some cracking outtakes!

And after his sterling debut, we’re always on the lookout for Degsy’s next interviewee, so if you have any suggestions why not Tweet us @TheFeridaxCrew and we’ll see what we can do!

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