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Since 1924 ABUS has provided a great feeling of security worldwide. Abus is one of the top names in motorcycle and scooter anti-theft products. Based in Germany, it is a family owned company and is highly passionate about helping motorcyclists keep hold of their pride and joy.

Many of the individual products feature unique motorcycle security innovations and high levels of technology which aid in keeping motorcycles and scooters secure.


Whether you ride a moped, scooter or superbike - Abus have an extensive collection of hi-tech security devices ranging from the Granit Detecto x-plus 8077 disc lock to the Granit Extreme Plus 59 chain lock. They also offer many U-lock systems such as the Granit Power 58.

Abus locks have proved their products un-pickable since the conception of the X-Plus and Plus locking mechanisms, which were introduced over 18 years ago. For more information about Abus products see the Abus website.

Latest Abus Products

Granit Detecto X-plus 8077
Granit Power 58
Granit Extreme Plus 59