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The motorcycle safety helmet manufacturer Locatelli S.p.A. was founded in 1986 in the lively heart of Bergamo’s Valleys. The company began life as a contractor for various established brands. 1997 was to mark a major turning point for the company. Thanks to an impressive level of expertise, which included superior technical skills, a know-how that was second to none and the experience brought by years of hard, passionate work, Antonio Locatelli, the founder of the company that started from humble beginnings, was able to launch the company into the global market with a personal range of products. From that moment on, the company has signed its own collections with the Airoh trademark, a brand that in just a few years has grown to be one of the leading names in the industry.


Research, development, safety and innovation are the main elements that have, in just over 15 years, enabled Airoh to be brought amongst the excellence offered by the national and international market for the production of motorbike helmets. Airoh is emerging more and more as a worldwide success.

Examples of this are the 71 titles gained in all motorsports and motorcycle disciplines.

Airoh H-Lab (Helmets-Lab) is the laboratory created and implemented by Airoh to produce helmets that are suited for the most demanding motorcyclists. Thanks to a constant and intense collaboration with top athletes of motor sports, Airoh H-Lab is a project that aims to make products that are looking for performance and results. In the Airoh H-Lab, riders and technicians work together to develop the best helmets.

Every individual detail, every indication collected on racetrack has been followed, developed and implemented to achieve the best possible product. The result? The helmet worn by a champion is identical to those who are passionate and this is a source of pride for our company.

Latest Airoh Products

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