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Quick to apply, safe to use, easy to rinse and formulated to be kind to bikes.

Dirtwash from Weldtite is the ultimate range of motorcycle cleaning products and the only one that is race mechanic approved to deliver gleaming machines, quickly and easily.

The entire Dirtwash range, which includes washers such as Dirtwash Bike cleaner, de-greasers, brushes, full kits such as the Dirtwash Bucket and much more, is 100% acid-free but delivers the penetrating power that is usually associated with the abrasiveness that actual acid-based cleaners possess.


Dirtwash is quick and easy to apply, allows sure cleaning with minimal scrubbing and is safe to use on painted, plated, polished and clear-coated motorcycle finishes. To see the whole range visit the Dirtwash website.

Latest Dirtwash Products

Dirtwash 1Ltr Bike Cleaner
Dirtwash Bucket Cleaning Kit
Dirtwash Cleaning Brush Set (3)