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Petronas is a fully integrated energy company with a leading portfolio and wide network of operations around the world. Petronas is famously known as oil sponsors for Formula One but also produces a range of products for motorcycles too.


Using their expertise in the automotive industry has allowed them to produce a wide range of high quality oils, such as Petronas Syntium Moto 4SX, lubricants, cleaners such as their Petronas Chain Cleaner and Bike Degreasers to help keep your machine running in perfect working order.

Petronas is well known for its high quality and reliability, which is why it's trusted year after year in Formula One cars at constant high speeds and under pressure to out perform the competition.

Latest Petronas Products

Petronas Syntium Moto 4SX 15W-50 1LTR
Petronas Chain Cleaner
Petronas Bike Degreaser 400ml