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Derek Arnold, an importer of motorbike helmets, had a flash of inspiration. His idea was the "Pinlock" system which guaranteed a fogged up shield was definitely something of the past. In addition to the high-quality material of the insert, the pins also ensured consumer convenience.

Leading helmet manufacturers and also motorcyclists agree that Pinlock products are the best solution against fogging. This is why the Pinlock insert is usually supplied as standard with helmets. It is not just the helmet manufacturers who are convinced about Pinlock, the tests of the most read motorcycle magazines show that Pinlock is a winner year-in and year-out.

Pinlocks are available in clear, photochromatic, yellow tint for night riding and dark pinlocks.

The Pinlock insert is made of a moisture-absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the Pinlock insert ensures there is an insulating air layer between the Pinlock insert and the shield. The Pinlock insert is installed between two pins. You can increase or decrease the tension on the Pinlock insert by turning the pins and, therefore, the silicone seal will have the perfect fit.

Latest Pinlock Products

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