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For over 35 years PJ1 has passionately innovated and constantly improved its products to help the world´s bikers and motor sport enthusiasts go faster, higher, farther and last longer than ever before. For PJ1 it´s way more than a job. It´s a way of life.


Today, they still set the standards for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance. Their advanced formulas have even played their role in the development of the US Air Force´s Stealth Fighter, NASA´s Space Shuttle, the B-2 Bomber and just about every satellite circling the globe. PJ1 definitely know what they are doing.

Amongst the most popular items for PJ1 is their Black Label Chain Lube, PJ1 16-hit black exhaust paint and their O ring chain lube.

Latest PJ1 Products

PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube
PJ1 Fast Black High Temp Exhaust Paint
PJ1 Black Label Chain Lube