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Proviz is an International Award Winning Sports Brand, distributed in 40 countries and has the largest range of specialist enhanced visibility sports products on the market. It is renowned for its innovation and quality.

The first product that drew customers' attention to Proviz was the innovative Triviz Lighting Device, a unique versatile electroluminescent light pack which attaches to the Nightrider Range. The product won a Red Dot Design award for Product Design which helped gain recognition in key countries around the world.

Proviz Jacket

The launch of the REFLECT360 range in 2014 has been the most successful range to date. A totally unique range of products, made from 100% reflective material, which is a modest grey during the day and highly reflective at night put the Proviz firmly on the domestic and global map.

As Proviz has grown, the focus has been on creating products that have specific purposes for whatever activity you are doing. The ever-increasing range has expanded to other sectors including the motorcycle markets for improved visibility for riders, with products like the Proviz 360 rucksack and the Proviz Nightrider vest.

Latest Proviz Products

Proviz Triviz Light Pack
Proviz Reflect 360 Rucksack
Proviz Nightrider Vest