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Masks are not new to motorcycling, however the masks that RESPRO® produce and market are designed and tailored to suit most motorcycling activities, including road racing, touring, commuting, and despatch riding.

Respro® masks have been proven to be the best on the market.

Visor fogging is a major problem for all bikers and pillion riders, and RESPRO® has come up with a uniquely practical concept that´s 99.9% effective and is superb value for money. RESPRO®, the company well-known for developing safety products for two-wheeled road users and its anti pollution masks and scarves, has developed the Foggy® mask to keep the visor from fogging. The Foggy® Breathguard mask works with full face crash helmets, is easily fitted and once in place, doesn’t have to be removed except for the occasional machine wash. It requires no maintenance - it simply fits enabling the rider to forget about it.

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