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Since 1960 SIDI has been one of the most well known and well thought of manufacturers of motorcycle footwear and clothing. Year after year SIDI creates and develops highly technical footwear in order to achieve the maximum in reliability and comfort.

Thanks to this passion and a deep, intuitive knowledge of the business, SIDI has become the market leader in cycling and motorcycle shoes, producing some of the most breathtaking designs that riders such as Motocross legend Antonio Cairolli, BSB champion James Ellison and round the world adventurer Rhys Lawrey, love and trust. Rhys (2moro rider) actually used the same pair of SIDI boots on his 45,420 mile journey around the globe.


SIDI create boots to suit every style of riding, the SIDI Crossfire 2 boots with interchangeable soles are ideal for off-road riding, whereas the SIDI Black rain boot is perfect if you are looking for every day usage. If you are into sports riding, the SIDI Vortice and SIDI MAG-1 should be at the top of your list!

To see all the latest SIDI models including the SIDI ST boot, the SIDI Roarr boot, the SIDI Streetburner or the SIDI Cobra, visit the SidiSelect site. There you can also get all the latest products as well as new releases.

Latest Sidi Products

Crossfire 3 SRS
Trial Zero 1
Adventure 2 Gore