SP Connect™ is the quickest and most secure way to mount your smartphone. It offers the best range of products for your phone, providing easy mounting applications for cycling, running, driving, golfing and other activities.

Lights, storage cases, powerbanks, speakers and other devices featuring the innovative SP Connect™ (pat.pend.) mounting system are also available. In addition to the newly launched brand SPTM Connect, the SP United Holding AG Group, founded 1988 in Germany, is the mother company of the action camera accessory brand SPTM Gadgets and the snowboard binding brand SPTM Bindings.

All products are manufactured in company owned production plants in China, Slovakia and Germany, ensuring goods that are of the highest quality standards. This is largely driven by the know how from the German production plant, which has specialized in parts for the automotive industry.
SPTM products are available in over 70+ countries worldwide.